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About us

Hello! My name is Gisela (Alexa is my daughter😁) mother of 4 (ages vary between 21 years and 11 months🥰) and I started in the world of dog grooming more than 20 years ago in Brazil. I love animals, I worked in vets, pet shops and I had my own business until I moved to Spain and after many years as an immigrant (not easy at all😰) and working on what I could I have gotten my documentation and mounted my own pet shop there. My work has been intermittent so I could take care of my children as well. I have lived and worked in Italy in 2015 but then I returned to Spain, the country that conquered my heart❤️. I naturalized Spanish, but I fell in love and married an English man, which is why I have been here since 07/06/2018 🥳. in June 2021 I started a new adventure that is giving me a lot of excitement. Alexa, groom my dog! Trying to balance my 3 year old earthquake and 11 month old baby, working at the cute Dog Hairs pet shop in Melbourne and grooming some dogs at home too. Wishing you like my products as much as I do.

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